Relazione struttura-attività

Relazione struttura-attività, 4 ore frontali

The use of in silico models for cosmetics. Theory and practice
The large number of possible fragrances and cosmetic ingredients require the use of tools able to evaluate their property values in a fast way. We will introduce the use of in silico methods, how they can predict adverse properties of interest for cosmetics, but also other properties. These methods simply need the chemical structure to be used, and some are free. They are based on statistical approaches and/or expert systems incorporating rules associated to the effect. We will describe the theory, show advantages and disadvantages, present specific software systems for cosmetics, and also make some practical exercises using some of these tools.

Docenti del corso:
    Dott. Emilio Benfenati
    Ist. Mario Negri
    email: emilio.benfenati (at)
    tel. 02 39014420